EXCLUSIVE: interview with Shay Sanford, hairstylist of Agents of SHEILD

 EXCLUSIVE: interview with Shay Sanford, hairstylist of Agents of SHEILD

From left to right, Jason O’Mara, Brett Dalton, Wendi Lynn, Elizabeth Henstridge, Shay Sanford and B.J. Britt. (Credit: instagram / hair.by.shaysanfordfong)

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As you may know, we’ve been trying to contact some members of Agents of SHIELD‘s crew to get an interview. Now we bring Shay Sandford, who was responsible for hairstyle of Elizabeth, Ming and Natalia, since season 2. Check it out bellow!

What made you choose this career and how long have you been a professional hairdresser?

I have been a hairdresser for 19yrs and in the film industry for 17yrs . I always enjoyed hair and makeup in movies making people look like other people and the creative side of it .

What drove you to the entertainment industry?

I really wanted to get into this business when a dear friend of mine was in it and it sounded so exciting .

This season, specially the first episodes, we had a lot of emphasis on hair, makeup and costumes, due to time travel. Where did you go to get inspiration for these hairs?

My inspiration for the show this season was depending on the era . I did alot of research online and worked with the costume designer so I could visually imagine what they would look like.

We’ve had a lot of different haircuts in such short of time, because of the time travel. Did that got you out of the routine, having to create different types of hair for 1931 in one week and for 1955 in the following week? How was this transition for you?

Since the girls had long hair we had to hide there length for the eras we were doing. The girls would be in the chair 2-3 hrs for makeup, hair and wardrobe. We did alot of camera test before shooting just to get the perfect look.

How do you define the types of haircut for the character? Does it vary according to the moment they’re living?

On Haircuts for the Character I have to read what the description says in the script to match with what the writers wrote for that character.

What jobs do you consider outstanding in your career (apart from the emmy)?

Creating and seeing it come alive is always so thrilling.

Talking about the Emmy you won for American Crime Story… Do you think that this changed the way people see your work?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. There are so many talented people in this business I think sometimes i just got really lucky.

We know that hair influences a lot a person’s self esteem, especially in women. How do you deal with this in your day and when you create a haircut?

You definitely want want to make people feel good its part of my job. You have to learn about people and make them feel comfortable with you and work together and come up with a style for them that is going to make them feel good. That is so rewarding to me

If you could describe your participation on the show in one word, what would it be?


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